Lucky Block Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

Lucky Mod is pretty interesting mod about Minecraft which you can download here. It basically insert an yellow box into the game.
The block looks just like bonus boxes from Mario series Game.
One the block is broken it can give you something very good or very bad. So it is an surprise block.

lucky block mod box

block on lucky block mods it is yellow and much similar like boxes on mario game

Point of Mod is to make you spend accumulated gold much faster. If you have gold stocked then by go to crafting and convert into Metal Lucky Blocks.

crafting on Lucky Block Mods

Process needed to craft gold into metal boxes for Lucky Block Mod


An options of this Mod , it is that if you have a lot of gold , you can automatically add luck to different blocks.
You just create an unique recipe block and then add it to surrounding blocks just by repeatit until you get to the limit of 100+.
Also can it be used on Multi-player mode , but randomness of spreading of block on multi-player can cause your map to fail, so it is always better to have an backup about your map.

good luck bad luck mods

Simulation of Good or Bad Luck on Minecraft


You can download Lucky Block Mods for Minecraft 1.7.10 from Links Below:
This is .jar file compressed into Zip Archive:

Direct Download Link


There is a list of Addons for Lucky Blocks Mods here:

To use this mod your should download and initiate setup of  Minecraft Forge Installer from here:  forge1.7.10_installer.jar

1. After you download Mod go to Start > RUN and locate Minecraft Default folder by typing command
and type RUN

2. Extract Mods file into default folder of Mods

3. After you launch Minecraft from Minecraft.jar or shortcut of the game on the sub-menu of Mods you will see the downloaded one.


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